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Light up and join our culture! There's a magical quality to candlelight – a softness, a glow, a movement.  The atavistic attraction of fire is impossible to attain with anything other than real flame.  There’s nothing quite like getting home after a long day at work and lighting one to lift your mood and relax.

There's something so calming about candles.  As soon as you strike that match and light the wick, your space is instantly transformed into a sanctuary of serenity.  The warm, mesmerizing flame comforts you while the soothing aroma fills your personal haven with a captivating fragrance.  

It's likely that candles are featured in your interior decor.  Candles are in nearly 90 percent of homes, but they're not all made equally. Many candles contain paraffin wax, a hydrocarbon mixture that's harmful to the environment.  Our candles are made from 100% soy wax – highly acclaimed JIC wax!  





We've created a special, new way of buying candles for those connoisseurs seeking an optimal experience.  Although our candles can be burned as little as 2 days after poured, they smell and burn great - the curing process takes 2-3 weeks before its perfect and scent throw is excellent.  We help track your candles age and other unique information, providing the absolute best experience possible!

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Quality people make quality products and where great candles come from! Those are the people who radiate quality everywhere they go, and in everything they do; every time and all the time. No exceptions and no shortcuts.  At Ritza Life, we employ processes designed to produce highly-consistent, quality products. 

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