Dear Ritza Life Representatives and Customers,

It is with great sadness that we, the Ritza Life team, write this letter. 

When we began Ritza Life, we had a vision. We wanted to create an amazing atmosphere for you, our reps, to grow a business that would greatly enhance your lives, both financially and otherwise. We’ve provided some of the best products available, created a competitive business and commission plan, and worked hard to create our Ritza Life family. 

While we often were faced with struggles, we pushed forward, never wanting to disappoint our representatives or customers. When the pandemic hit, we kept going, despite the troubles it brought. We have had continuous supplier issues, increasing cost on supplies and shipping, workload issues and many other situations that are truly out of our control. 

Now, we are at a new crossroads. Everywhere in the world, costs are rising, and available supplies are low. Inflation is driving our costs up so high that we are unable to sustain the business we were once able to. We still have increasing difficulty obtaining the supplies we need to stay in business and products in stock. We have no other option but to pass along this increase to our reps and customers when purchasing our products, and change our product lines dramatically to compensate. Unfortunately, we feel this would cause a cease in our orders.  

We have officially made the decision that this journey has come to an end. It is with heavy hearts we announce that Ritza Life will be closing. We had hoped we would be a company to survive this pandemic, but we have found that it is no longer possible in our current and worsening economy.

We will continue to process new orders through July 15th at midnight eastern time. At that time, any remaining inventory will be marked out-of-stock.  All remaining inventory has been added to the website at 40% to 50% off the retail price, with No Commission paid on sales, so that we can offer you a great deal. Selection may be limited as some products have already been marked out-of-stock because the jars are not available for us to order.  All orders placed (pending or processing) but not yet shipped, are ready and will ship in the next few days.  If you are owed commissions, you can use that money to purchase products, or request an ACH payment in your Ewallet. Any Ewallet funds that have not been claimed or spent, will be automatically included in our final ACH batch on August 2nd. Please verify your Ewallet ACH information is entered and correct.   

We are sorry to be the bearers of bad news and are so grateful for the 3 years we have shared with you all. We wish you all the best life has to offer.

I’m sure you will have questions. Please feel free to reach out through the support system or by emailing


Thank you all for this wonderful journey and God bless! 


With love,

The Ritza Life Team.